Choosing to Change the WorldListen now (2 min) | We cannot wait for someone else to tell us what to do
Keeping Our Monsters In CheckListen now (2 min) | We must recognize what tempts us and make corrections, when necessary
Scratching the Itch That Politics Can'tListen now (2 min) | Contentment comes from championing individuals rather than power
The Case for Permissionless InnovationEscucha ahora (2 min) | Learning to solve problems without official permission
How Purpose Brings HappinessListen now (2 min) | You were born for more than keeping up with your neighbors
An Unhealthy Interest In What Others HaveListen now (2 min) | A great way to stifle our own satisfaction and happiness
When We Hold a BabyListen now (2 min) | We see the world in a more positive light
Truth Can't Depend On ConsensusListen now (2 min) | We must examine our own hearts and determine where we stand
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Hyde In Plain Sight