Jan 26 • 2M

Choosing To Exit the Comfort Zone

Challenges and discomfort are where greatness is discovered

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Ever notice that the best things that happen in our lives take place, for the most part, outside of our comfort zone?

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable.

At the same time, if we allow comfort to become our highest priority, we risk missing out on the experiences that could bring our best qualities to the surface.

When we look back on the greatest opportunities we’ve had for personal growth or understanding, it’s interesting how few of them took place in conditions of ease and leisure. 

The most memorable chapters of our life stories won’t be about the times we sat and vegged out in front of the television or computer screen.

Most likely, our genuine defining moments will comprise the times we were pushed into unfamiliar circumstances and had to exert ourselves to deal with them.

This concept of allowing ourselves to leave the comfort zone doesn’t have to apply solely to big ticket life events like births, deaths, marriage or other major shifts. 

Sometimes it can come down to the choices we make on seemingly small matters.

James Walpole recommends that when faced with a choice between doing what’s easy and doing what’s memorable, we should choose the thing we’ll remember the most.

It’s a reminder that, one way or another, each of us is creating a story that is uniquely ours.

Embracing discomfort can bring satisfaction and accomplishment to our life stories that the comfort of the mundane never will.


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