"Revel in Wrongthink"

This is more than a motto; it's our rallying cry.

Hi There. I am Bryan Hyde.

I brainwash people into thinking for themselves and claiming their personal rights.

So, how do we make this happen?

Simple. We equip you with actionable content, skills, tools, and education—essentially, everything you'd need to exercise personal sovereignty.

And we do it while nurturing a community that shares your drive to succeed at work and home.

Our Mission: The everlasting welfare of our individual and collective souls.

Sounds lofty, doesn't it?

But isn't that what we all aim for? We're all on the quest for something eternal. Each of us brings purpose into this world.

Purpose that has real meaning and outlasts the latest trends and Twitter feuds.

That quest begins by claiming your personal sovereignty.

Our Vision: A world where every individual can exercise personal sovereignty within the bounds of natural laws.

Consider a world not dictated by societal norms or cultural pressures but steered by you under the guidance of natural laws. It's not a far-off dream but a reality within grasp.

We're creating that roadmap together.

And the destination?

Your Freedom, Your World, Your Life, Your Way.

What's Cooking at Hyde in Plain Sight?

About Bryan. Who Is This Guy?

Handsome. Erudite. Brave. Charming. A magnanimous leader of men.

I like how that sounds!

But these are just some words that will never be used to describe me.

However, As a veteran broadcaster, podcaster, writer, speaker, and educator with over 40 years of experience behind the mic, I do strive to be a trusted voice of truth to inform and unite my audience.

My goal is to elevate the discussion from shouted partisan slogans to a thoughtful examination of the fundamental principles at stake.

Me in 60 Seconds

I have been a talk radio host, program director, executive producer, and advertising executive. It has been my honor to travel throughout the U.S. as a professional public speaker and educator.

I have also been a regular columnist and freelance writer since 2005.

My company, With One Voice LLC, reflects my personal mission to bring people together on the issues that matter most so that they might speak with one voice.

Anything Else We Should Know?

Becky and I are the proud parents of three sons, three daughters, and three very spoiled grandkids.

In my spare time, I love to read and am always looking for an excuse to cook something tantalizing on my Pit Barrel Cooker.

Change not just your life but the lives of those around you.

We have great things planned to help our fellow "Wrongthinkers" claim, expand, and defend personal rights.

That means a growing curated library of free and premium actionable content and online courses available for our tribe.

And, of course, a vibrant, safe community of like-minded folks like you!

Let's light the campfire and gather around.

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Reformed red meat thrower turned truth seeker
Husband, Dad, Papa | Advocate for personal sovereignty | Strategic thinker | Solution-based mindset | Friend to small business owners and employees | Country boy at heart