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Name Your Price

Name Your Price

What ideals do you value more than your own life?

We’ve all heard the expression that “Everyone has a price.”

The implication, of course, is that—for the right price—anyone can be compromised.

But what about those things that are intangible but priceless.

  • Would you betray your spouse for a certain dollar amount?

  • Would you steal from an employer if you knew you could get away with it?

  • Better still, would you bear false witness against another person, if the price was right?

Anyone who has paid the price to develop his or her fidelity, personal integrity and truthfulness would likely balk at the thought of discarding such essential aspects of their character.

That’s because these traits are not developed in an instant.

They are the product of long term discipline, decency and a willingness to do the right thing in all circumstances.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keeffe puts it this way:

If your price is not your life, then you are for sale… Because the enemy—whatever the enemy is—whether it be physical, legal or spiritual, will attack the vulnerability of the person who can be compromised.

When is the last time you gave serious thought to those things which you hold so sacred, that you would die before you would abandon them?

If you can’t think of any ideals for which you’d be willing to sacrifice your life to defend, then your ideals may be seriously lacking.

The best time to develop this kind of moral clarity is before we are tempted to compromise our values.


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