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The Power of Mentors

The Power of Mentors

If you're looking to genuinely level up, here's why you need a mentor

When it comes to leveling up, spiritually, intellectually, economically or physically, mentors are one of our most powerful tools.

A mentor is different than a teacher or an advisor, in that they’re not just imparting information for us to assimilate.

A mentor is someone who has walked the path that we wish to walk.

They understand the trials, traps and tests along the way as well as what it means to pay the price of mastery.

A proper mentor will often turn away prospective mentees, at first, to see if they are serious about their willingness to learn.

When the student is ready, the mentor becomes a trusted confidant and guide.

Here’s how Oliver DeMille puts it:

Great mentors understand what the students are seeking, what they deeply and completely want, and how they can get it. Great mentors understand this even when the students don’t.

This means that a good mentor spends more time listening than talking. 

He or she will ask questions that make us dig deep rather than simply rattle off the answers we’re seeking.

The mentor helps the mentee find his or her own path and to reach the heights they desire.

And each person who has been mentored, will also find opportunities to mentor those who wish to become more.

The key here is to actively seek out and to actively become the kinds of mentors who can help the next generations reach their potential.


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