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Finding Certainty In An Uncertain World

Finding Certainty In An Uncertain World

It starts with building a foundation of faith in ourselves
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There is no such thing as perfect certainty in our world.

Everything seems to be in a state of flux, no matter how hard we try to lock things down in our favor. 

So how can we develop a core of certainty that won’t disappear the moment our circumstances change?

Paul Rosenberg says this kind of comfort can only be found through the self-certainty that comes from within us when we believe—down into our bones—that we are a good person.

This knowledge is gained through observing ourselves as we apply the Golden Rule in every aspect of our lives.

Whatever is hateful to us, we refrain from doing to others.

Likewise, however we would want to be treated is how we should treat others.

It’s really that simple.

When we actively apply this principle in our daily lives, we can know with certainty that we are fundamentally good beings who are having a positive effect on the world around us.

Rosenberg says:

This doesn’t make you certain about everything, of course; this is a difficult and variable world. But it does make you deadly sure about your part of it. And from that base, you can build.”

When we build upon the Golden Rule on a daily basis, we create a solid foundation that is honestly earned and cannot be taken from us by other individuals or by circumstance.

We will have legitimate reasons to have faith in ourselves.


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