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Learn To Take a Punch

Even figurative blows can land hard

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Bryan Hyde
Truths, principles and practices that bring purpose and peace.
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One of the most overlooked skills in becoming a better person is learning how to take a punch.

This can have a literal as well as a figurative application in our lives.

While none of us aspires to be a punching bag for others to beat on, there is truth to the saying, “He’s never been punched in the mouth and it shows.”

Put another way, skilled martial artists rarely find themselves in an altercation.

Having experienced violence, firsthand, they have a better understanding of when it’s appropriate and when it is not.

But there’s another way to be able to take a punch that we’re far more likely to encounter throughout our lives.

As T.K. Coleman puts it:

Just as good boxers need to have the ability to take a punch, artists need the ability to take the hit of being mocked or misunderstood while creating things that others can’t imagine.”

Sometimes, when we are doing what is best for us, we have to be willing to walk away from what everyone else is doing.

This can make us appear aloof or out of step with society, and that’s almost always an invitation to be doubted or marginalized.

When people we love and respect express doubt or concern over our decision to follow our conscience or sense of personal mission, it can land like a blow.

Learning to take a punch and keep moving forward is a necessary skill when fighting to achieve  something of great value.


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