Sep 7 • 2M

The Sleeping Giant

Every human soul contains seeds that can bloom into personal greatness

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Bryan Hyde
Truths, principles and practices that bring purpose and peace.
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So many of the world’s problems appear to be outside of our control, but that doesn’t mean that we’re helpless pawns.

The solutions we seek are much closer than we think.

Instead of blaming others, whether individuals or institutions, we can focus on changing how we behave, first as individuals, then as families and then as communities.

Inside each of us lies a sleeping giant who, awakened to action, has the very real power to change the world for the better. 

But it is human nature to let the sleeping giant lie undisturbed, or to keep the giant sedated in order to remain in our comfort zone.

We buy into the idea that those who change the world were somehow born into greatness and that it came to them without effort. 

We allow ourselves to believe that the only people who change the world for the better are those who are widely recognized and promoted in the media.

But these are false ideas.

The reality is that every human soul contains seeds that—properly nourished—bloom into utterly unique personal greatness that creates lasting impact on those around us.

The world needs what your giant alone can contribute. Each of us has a mission to fulfill and a role to play. 

And once we’ve awakened the giant within us, we have a duty to help inspire the sleeping giants among us to tap into their personal greatness rather than waiting for a top-down solution.


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