May 26 • 2M

Vision Is the Antidote to Fear

Despite what we're being told, the world is improving

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Bryan Hyde
Truths, principles and practices that bring purpose and peace.
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How would you answer the question: Where is our society going? 

Those who obsessively follow the latest news headlines would likely say that we’re going off the rails and in greater danger than ever.

On the other hand, individuals who have goals and are actively pursuing them would likely respond in a much more positive way.

The difference in their response comes down to whether they are operating on fear or vision.

There have always been bad things happening in our world. What’s changed is how tragic or horrifying events are now being used as tools to instill fear and panic in us.

And that fear is being used to steer us into hopelessness and inaction.

Paul Rosenberg says it like this:

We are living in a fear soup, which is being stirred by the overlords of the age. And it’s working for them.”

The truth is, the world is improving in many ways. 

People are living longer and healthier lives than ever. More people have been lifted from poverty and hunger than ever before.

But money and health alone aren’t what make us better individuals.

Personal excellence is the result of searching, striving and becoming. And that means we must have vision and goals.

We can’t wait for someone else to spell out for us what needs to be done.

We must study out and choose our individual path and then get to work on those goals.

As we do this, the fear and hopelessness will recede.


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